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Association of Kannada Kootas of America
(A not for Profit Cultural Organization - Tax ID: 59-352-7607)

Nalmeya Kannada Sahodhara Sahodhariyare nimagella AKKAna suswagatha.

AKKA stands for ’Association of Kannada Kootas of America’.

AKKA is a non-profit, Educational, Linguistic and Cultural Organization; incorporated under Non Profit Corporation act of the State of Florida, to integrate, coordinate, network and unite the activities of all Kannadigas and Kannada Kootas for promotion and preservation of Kannada language and culture in North America. AKKA’s constituent units include; Board of Trustees and Board of Directors from all the regions of U.S.A. and Canada.

AKKA was born in February 1998, at the World Kannada Sammelana-98 held in USA at Phoenix, Arizona. A group of prominent Kannadigas who believed in the need for a central organization were selected from across the country and formed a steering committee. This committee elected the office bearers of AKKA and the constitution was drafted.

The 1st AKKA World Millennium Kannada Conference was held in Houston, Texas hosted by Kannada Vrinda of Houston in the year 2000. More than 2000 people attended this conference, one of the most talked about events.

AKKA became a household word both in USA, Canada & Karnataka and became a symbol of pride for Kannadigas everywhere. In recognition of AKKA's successful efforts in promoting Kannada arts and culture in North America, the Government of Karnataka conferred the Rajyothsava Award to AKKA in December 2001. Currently, 30 Kannada Kootas (representing 60,000 Kannadigas) across North America are members of AKKA organization.

The 2nd AKKA World Kannada Conference was held in Detroit, Michigan in 2002 hosted by Pampa Kannada Koota which scaled AKKA to greater heights, with more than 4000 Kannadigas attending the conference.

The momentum generated by the gathering and networking of such large number of Kannadigas in Detroit carried onto Orlando, Florida. In 2004, Srigandha Kannada Koota hosted the 3rd AKKA World Kannada Conference. The 4th AKKA World Kannada Conference was held in Baltimore, Maryland in 2006 hosted by Kaveri Kannada Association.

AKKA has actively involved in various charitable work in Karnataka by organizing many fundraising programs throughout North America.

We sincerely request and urge you to show your support by becoming members and contribute in any way you can, in this endeavor.You can access the membership application page by clicking on the following link:

AKKA Membership Application


Board of Trustees and Directors

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