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Nalini Maiya


630 968-0203

AKKA WKC 2008 - Literary Activities

Literary Activities

  Great literary figures such as S.L. Byrappa (novelist), Chandra Shekara Kambara (playwright and poet), Jayanth Kaikini (writer of short fiction and lyrics for movie songs), P.K.Rajashekara (Janapada sahithya) are attending the convention.
  Many exciting parallel sessions are in the works.
  1. Pusthaka parichaya: Introduction of new books by NRI kannadigas
  2. Kavi goshti: We have a new format this time. After the poem recitals Kambara and Kaikini are going to give constructive feed back on the poems just recited. 5 minutes allotted for each person. Last date to submit the poems for kavi goshti is July 1st. Email the poems to nmaiya@hotmail.com
  3. Mukta samvaada with S.L. Byrappa: People are encouraged to ask questions and get a glimpse in to the workings of the mind of this great thinker of modern day Karnataka.
  4. Seminar on “janapada sahithya” headed by P.K.Rajashekara
Questions? contact Nalini Maiya at nmaiya@hotmail.com

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