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Vasanthi Gowda
Vasanthi Gowda
Mokshagundam Jayaram
Mokshagundam Jayaram
Shivamurthy Keelara
Shivamurthy Keelara
Association of Kannada Kootas of America (AKKA) was formed in February 1998 at the Kannada Sammelana held in Phoenix, Arizona. Its main purpose is to integrate, coordinate, network and unite the activities of all Kannadigas in North America. To accomplish this, one of the events that AKKA organizes is the bi-annual World Kannada Conferences with the help of a Kannada Koota which is a Charter member of AKKA.

AKKA World Kannada Conferences provide a variety of opportunities for all kinds of people. In addition to organizing the Literary Forum wherein well known literary figures of our beloved Kannada language are going to participate, there will be other forums such as Women’s Forum, Youth Forum, Business Forum and Continued Medical Education (CME). There will be a variety of cultural programs consisting of music, dance and drama from both amateur and professional artists. Also there will be many types of vendor booths for shopping.

So far AKKA has successfully organized four World Kannada Conferences (WKC). The first AKKA WKC2000 was held in Houston, the second AKKA WKC2002 was held in Detroit, the third AKKA WKC2004 was held in Orlando and the fourth AKKA WKC2006 was held in Baltimore. Now to host the fifth AKKA WKC2008 which coincides with AKKA’s 10th year anniversary, AKKA has selected Vidyaranya Kannada Kuta of Chicago, Illinois (VKK). VKK has selected us to lead this conference and we thank VKK members for their confidence in us.

On behalf of VKK and AKKA, we take great pleasure in inviting

Kannadigas worldwide to attend the 5th AKKA WKC2008 to be hosted in Chicago, Illinois. We promise to give you in this VKK hosted event, three memorable days in this great city of Chicago during the Labor Day week end, August 28th, 29th and 30th of 2008.

VKK is one of the oldest and dynamic Kannada Kutas in America and as such expectations will be high. VKK has outstanding track record of contributions to Kannadigas and Karnataka by way of:

  • Establishing the first Kannada Kuta Charitable Foundation to help the deserving in Karnataka.
  • Publishing twice annually ‘Sangama’, a magazine acclaimed by one and all.
  • Hosting Midwest Kannada Kutas Conference way back in 1992 and many more.

We will make every effort to see that your expectations are met. The 5th AKKA WKC 2008 will be Theme based. The theme is “Showcasing the Talents and Heritage of World Kannadigas”. The conference will endeavor to truly reflect this theme. We will showcase one thousand years of Karnataka’s glorious past with an exhibition of audio/video displays, paintings, artifacts, photographs, etc which will take you through the Cholas to the great Vijayanagar Empire to the present Technology revolution in the silicon valley of India. We want to make all Kannadigas, especially the youth, proud of their heritage and learn a lot about their roots. As far as celebrating the talents, you will meet talented people in every walk of life displaying their amazing talents whether it is in dance, music, painting, acting and many more Fine Arts or people who have excelled in

the field of technology, management, medicine, science, literature, social science and a host of other fields. Then of course, we will give pride of place to our youth in this conference. We want them to get to know the abundant talents and knowledge available in Kannadigas all over and also display their own talents by arranging programs of their own.

No Kannada Conference can be termed successful without that delicious Karnataka food from all parts of Karnataka and of course, plenty of coffee. You will be treated to quality and tasty food which we hope will make you say “reminds me of Amma’s cooking!’. A request. Please leave your dieting at home for this week end please!

It will not just be a treat to your body and mind. The Charitable events will tug your heart with outstanding social service leaders telling you the amazing work that is being done to uplift the poor in Karnataka by a lot of people both from Karnataka and Kannadigas all across the world.

We are sure, the name of Chicago evokes the memory of that great Swami Vivekananda. Chicago has a lot to offer by way of sight seeing. Please do take this opportunity to make this a vacation and try to spend a full week enjoying the sights of this beautiful city. The web site gives you major attractions in and around Chicago for young and adults alike.

So dear friends, we hope to see you all come in record numbers to enjoy the hospitality of the VKK Kannadigas and experience three days of entertaining, educative and illuminating fun filled days here in this windy city of Chicago. You will have a time of your life!

Thank You!!

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